Los Angeles, California June 11th – 14th

$299.99 $249.99

Ages 5-12 All Skill Levels

*Constant Encouragement & Confidence Building From Coaches

What Makes This Camp the Best In The Country?

  • ABC is the only baseball camp company to perform video analysis on each hitter & pitcher at every camp. Frame by frame technology is used to capture each swing or pitch and then is sent back to HQ for analysis. From there, our team of former Professional Ballplayers & Coaches spends time and attention on each kid providing detailed notes to the parents via email after the camp. (This service is worth $100 per kid and is free at every camp).
  • We build confidence in every player. No more boring moving from aimless drill to drill. Our system has been perfected to give kids confidence in themselves and their ability while teaching them to fall in love with the game.
  • We have the lowest coach to player ratio out of any baseball camp at 4 to 1.
  • Our massive Instagram following (20K+) allows kids to be famous as they are featured in our story at every camp, and may even find them on a picture post or two!
  • We make some unbelievable action shot videos after every camp which are edited by a team of professional video editors and posted on YouTube with a link sent to parents via email.
  • Slip n Slide Baseball – As a part of our have fun and gain confidence package we offer slip n slide baseball at every camp. This part of the camp you won’t find anywhere else, and it will be the highlight of your child’s summer!


Camp Objective #1 “Get Better”

  • Each Camper Gets Pitching & Hitting Video Analyzed By Former Professional Baseball Players
    • Actionable Tips Sent Home With Parents
    • Recommended Drills to Fix Problem Areas
  • Individual Pitching Instruction for Pitchers
  • Individual Hitting Instruction
  • Individual Defense Instruction
  • Individual Catching Instruction for Catchers

Camp Objective #2 “Have Fun & Gain Confidence”

  • Slip n’ Slide Baseball
  • Pitching Accuracy Dunk Tank
  • Home Run Derby
  • Cut & Relay Races
  • Visualization Practice
    • More Confidence
    • More Consistency

Age-Based Divisions

In order to build the best, safest baseball camp experience, we create divisions based on camper’s ages at the start of camp. Campers will have the opportunity to compete with and against players who are at similar developmental stages and that are often in their peer groups. Our general division breakdown is as follows:

  • Rookies: 5 Years Old
  • Single-A: 6 Years Old
  • Double-A: 7-8 Years Old
  • Triple-A: 9-10 Years Old
  • Majors: 11-12 Years Old

Camp Extras

  • Every camper is a Youtube star with our camp highlight reels. Action shots are sent to our professional video team and sent out to parents after camp!
  • Prizes awarded for the camper who is the best teammate each day.
  • Follow us on Instagram to get live updates and camp highlights on your camper(s). Your camper can be Instagram famous being featured with our over 20K Followers.
  • Free Camp T-Shirt
  • Lunch, Snacks, & Water Provided

Additional information


June 11th – 14th




Day 1 of 4

7:30 – 8:30 AM: Pre-Check in For Working Parents

8:30 AM: Check-In

8:40 AM: Dynamic Warm Up (Same Dynamic Stretches the Pros Do)

8:50 AM: Throwing Program (Arm Strength & Accuracy)

9:00 AM: Flat Ground Bullpens for Pitchers

9:15 AM: Cut & Relay Races

9:40 AM: Water Break

9:50 AM: Video Analysis (Analyzed by Pro Ballplayers & Sent Directly to Parents with Recommendations)

Pitchers Video Analysis
Hitters Video Analysis
10:30 AM: Pitching Accuracy Dunk Tank

11:00 AM: Lunch

11:20 AM: Home Run Derby

11:45 AM: Water Break

11:50 AM: Visualization Dynamics (Proven to Increase Confidence in Young Players — Used at Almost Every D1 In The Country)

12:00 PM: Defense Circuit & Gold Glove Competition

Catchers: Pop times, soft hands, blocking, and problem area work.
Infielders: Soft hands, quick feet, efficient feet, proper routes to balls, quick hands, and problem area work.
Outfielders: Quarterbacks, misdirection, route efficiency, and quick feet.
12:30 PM: Water Break

12:40 PM: "Big Man" Hitting Competition

1:10 PM: Pitching Accuracy Dunk Tank

1:35 PM: Snack & Water Break

1:45 PM: Slip n' Slide Baseball (The Highlight of Your Child's Summer)

2:50 PM: Best Teammate Prize Award Ceremony (Good Teammates Play Longer, Make More Friends, & Have More Confidence)

3:00 PM: End of 1st Day

3:00 – 3:10 PM: Pickup

3:10 – 4:00 PM: Late Pickup for Working Parents



What should my camper wear?
Baseball pants work, but they'll be most comfortable in athletic shorts or swim trunks. We provide the camp t-shirt.
What baseball equipment should we bring?
All baseball equipment. Catchers make sure to bring your gear.
Who does the coaching?
American Baseball Camps hires and trains high school and/or college coaches from your local area. That's the biggest advantage of the program. While most local youth and travel team coaches have some knowledge of baseball, this is a chance for young players to get actionable instruction and tips from some of the highest rated D1 and Pro programs around the country. We maintain quality control by providing each location with our weekly program, providing additional equipment, and training the staff.
Can girls come?
Of course, anybody interested in baseball will get a lot better and have a ton of fun at this camp! Remember, we separate players based on age and general skill level for the best camp experience.
Do your coaches undergo background checks?
Yes, we do extensive background checks on each coach for them to be considered as an American Baseball Camps coach.
Can we pick up early?
Do you perform video analysis on each camper?
Yes, every camper receives detailed video analysis. Players that hit & pitch will get video analysis from Pro Players on each.
For all other questions, please contact us by email.

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