Tulsa, Oklahoma July 16th – 19th

$299.99 $199.99

Camp made possible by the best option for youth baseball in Oklahoma, the Tulsa Little League which has been serving NE Oklahoma since 1984. If you are interested in signing up for the Tulsa Little League as a player (player form) or as a coach (coach’s form), we’d highly recommend!
Ages 5-12 All Skill Levels
Date & Times: Mon July 16th – Thurs July 9th (830am – 3pm)
Location: Tulsa Little League (5989 South Yale Ave, Tulsa, OK 74135.)

What’s included?

  • Four day camp
  • American Baseball Camps T-Shirt
  • Lunch & Snacks Each Day
  • Prizes for Best Teammate Each Day & Various Competition Winners
  • Coaches Dedicated to Building Confidence in Players
  • Detailed Video Analysis on Each Hitter & Pitcher ($100 Value!) Included 
  • Drills & Competitions Designed By the Pros to Give Your Kid An Edge
  • Confidence Builders – HR Derby, Dunk Tanks, Slip n Slide Baseball – Massive plastic sheeting, pools for bases.. c’mon where was this when we were kids!

12 Spots Left.



Meet a Few of the Camp Coaches

Dean Wilson
Camp Director/Fielding Coach

Dean is the current head coach for Cascia Hall HS in Tulsa. Dean was Division 1 shortstop at Oral Roberts University and a professional shortstop as well. Dean has exceptional fielding knowledge, and is excited to share it with campers in 2018!

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Mike Castellani
Pitching Coach

Mike Castellani was a standout for Division 1 Bucknell University before beginning his pro career with the Washington Wild Things. Mike is extremely knowledgeable about pitching, especially from the mental side. Mike is looking forward to giving kids confidence on the mound and teaching them to throw harder, and throw strikes more consistently.

Nick Rotola
Hitting Coach

Nick is the CEO of American Baseball Camps. He is a current starting outfielder for the Wichita Wingnuts. He hit .337 in his final season with Division 1 Oral Roberts, started every game in CF. Nick will be working with hitters and outfielders at camp. Nick is extremely encouraging and brings a contagious love for the game that made him successful and will make your ballplayer successful too!

Brent Williams
Hitting Coach

Brent hit more than 50 home runs & 100 doubles in his college career. He is a gifted hitter and was known at every level as a great teammate. Brent knows how to carry himself to optimize success in baseball, and he's looking forward to teaching that to young players at every skill level.

Tim Rotola
Hitting Coach

Tim spent 5 seasons in professional baseball, after a successful career at Division 1 Liberty University. Tim has had the chance to play the game at a very high level, and is excited to bring his extensive expertise to kids at camp!

Evan Eubanks
Pitching Coach

Hailing from a big-time Texas HS, Evan Eubanks went on to have a great career in D3, Juco, and finally D1 baseball. Evan carries himself with a ton of confidence on the mound, and is looking forward to teaching young kids the importance of pitching with confidence, and how to generate it in a game setting.

Camp Schedule

7:30 – 8:30 AM: Pre-Check in For Working Parents
8:30 AM: Check-In
8:40 AM: Dynamic Warm Up (Same Dynamic Stretches the Pros Do)
8:50 AM: Throwing Program (Arm Strength & Accuracy)
9:00 AM: Flat Ground Bullpens for Pitchers
9:15 AM: Cut & Relay Races
9:40 AM: Water Break
9:50 AM: Video Analysis (Analyzed by Pro Ballplayers & Sent Directly to Parents with Recommendations)
Pitchers Video Analysis
Hitters Video Analysis
10:30 AM: Pitching Accuracy Dunk Tank
11:00 AM: Lunch
11:20 AM: Home Run Derby
11:45 AM: Water Break
11:50 AM: Visualization Dynamics (Proven to Increase Confidence in Young Players — Used at Almost Every D1 In The Country)
12:00 PM: Defense Circuit & Gold Glove Competition
Catchers: Pop times, soft hands, blocking, and problem area work.
Infielders: Soft hands, quick feet, efficient feet, proper routes to balls, quick hands, and problem area work.
Outfielders: Quarterbacks, misdirection, route efficiency, and quick feet.
12:30 PM: Water Break
12:40 PM: “Big Man” Hitting Competition
1:10 PM: Pitching Accuracy Dunk Tank
1:35 PM: Snack & Water Break
1:45 PM: Slip n’ Slide Baseball (The Highlight of Your Child’s Summer)
2:50 PM: Best Teammate Prize Award Ceremony (Good Teammates Play Longer, Make More Friends, & Have More Confidence)
3:00 PM: End of 1st Day
3:00 – 3:10 PM: Pickup
3:10 – 4:00 PM: Late Pickup for Working Parents

Additional information


Tax Break!
A $250 American Baseball Camp actually costs $162.50 for (working parents or parents looking for work) because of the tax benefits of up to 35% for summer camps. Remember to list our camp to receive your tax credit from 2018!
What should my camper wear?
Baseball pants work, but they'll be most comfortable in athletic shorts or swim trunks. We provide the camp t-shirt.
What baseball equipment should we bring?
All baseball equipment. Catchers make sure to bring your gear.
Who does the coaching?
American Baseball Camps hires and trains high school and/or college coaches from your local area. That's the biggest advantage of the program. While most local youth and travel team coaches have some knowledge of baseball, this is a chance for young players to get actionable instruction and tips from some of the highest rated D1 and Pro programs around the country. We maintain quality control by providing each location with our weekly program, providing additional equipment, and training the staff.
Can girls come?
Of course, anybody interested in baseball will get a lot better and have a ton of fun at this camp! Remember, we separate players based on age and general skill level for the best camp experience.
Do your coaches undergo background checks?
Yes, we do extensive background checks on each coach for them to be considered as an American Baseball Camps coach.
Can we pick up early?
Do you perform video analysis on each camper?
Yes, every camper receives detailed video analysis. Players that hit & pitch will get video analysis from Pro Players on each.
For all other questions, please contact us by email.