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Why We Are Exploding

Coaching Style

You can’t coach this generation like the ones before. Our coaching style is designed to get the highest response from today’s youth ballplayers. 

Camp Design

Focus is needed to develop as a ballplayer. We get the most out of our campers by making everything a game or competition designed to give them an edge.

A New Voice

We have youth coaches tell us everyday that they think their son will get a lot out of hearing someone else teach the game. It’s true, and it’s what coaches’ kids need.

Reps & More Reps

Play-making doesn’t take you to the next level, consistency does. We build consistency through hundreds of focused reps. Reps make the game feel routine.

Confidence Building

Its simple – we want players to play their best. Players have their best when they have fun and are confident in what they are doing. This is why we build each player’s confidence at our camps.

The Role Of Guardians

Did you know 70% of players quit by 13? You love your ballplayer so much, but your actions may end up driving him away from the game. We teach parents how to be the best baseball parent possible at our camps.

Being A Great Teammate

At our baseball camps, we like to reward campers for being great teammates. We know that being a good teammate will help any kid make more friends, have more fun, be more coach-able, and stay in the game longer!

Lowest Player-to-Coach Ratio

With the lowest player-to-coach ratios in baseball camps we make sure each camper gets the attention he/she needs. This is how we make sure the beginners and experts each have a great camp experience.

Separate Age Groups

We keep campers separated by age group, but compete them against other groups. This way no camper is overwhelmed, but they are always challenged. 

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At American Baseball Camps, our Camps are geared towards what the ballplayers want.

The problem:

"72% of ballplayers quit baseball before 13 because it is no longer fun."

- George Washington U. Research Team

Our solution:

#1 Playing/ playing well

#1 most fun thing for ballplayers 6-13 is getting to get out and play and play well. This is why we give each camper equal opportunity to succeed and play well. We get a lot more out of them by treating each camper like a stud ballplayer and persevering with encouragement.

#2 respect from coach

#2 most fun thing for ballplayers 6-12 is when coach treats them with respect. Our coaches are meticulously trained to respect and get the most out of campers' abilities. Would you work for a boss that sat you half the days because you weren't good enough to contribute? Respect is huge!

#3 playing as a team

#3 ballplayers love the game when they are contributing in a team environment. We teach players to be a good teammate because it helps them make more friends, they are more coachable, and they play better. We teach our best players to elevate our beginner players rather than push their way to the front of the line.

#4 Unplug and plug in

#4 ballplayers have fun when they are out and active. The average american ballplayer spends 7 hours on a screen each day. Activities like our camp are proven to widen the attention span and literally "rewire" our brains in a positive way that helps them to overcome rather than feel overwhelmed.

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