The ABC Jaeger Band Routine

A pro-style Jaeger Band warm-up for proper arm care. You can have training like this in your pocket with the Baseball IQ app.

Rows10 reps 
Reverse Flies10 reps 
Pull Downs 10 reps
Forward Flies 10 reps 
Overhead Tricep10 reps 
Straight Arm Core Twists 10 reps, each side 
Elevated Internal Rotation 10 reps, each arm 
Elevated External Rotation 10 reps, each arm
External Rotation10 reps, each side 
Internal Rotation 10 reps, each side 
Forward Internals 10 reps, each side 
Reverse Externals 10 reps, each side 
Elevated Row & Reach 10 reps 
Reverse Throws 10 reps, both arms 
Resistance Throws 10 reps, throwing arm only