The ABC Pre-Game Stretching Routine

A full pro-style warm-up for baseball players of all age groups. For more training like this subscribe to the revolutionary Baseball IQ app.

Dynamic Stretches 
Jog 2 x 50 Yards 
Butt-Kicks 2 x 15 Yards
High Knees2 x 15 Yards
Side Shuffles 15 Yards, each direction
Karaoke 15 Yards, each direction
High Skips 1 x 15 Yards
Straight Leg Kicks (Frankensteins) 1 x 15 Yards
Lunge Walk1 x 15 Yards
Hip Openers (Gates) 1 x 15 Yards
Hamstring Walk1 x 15 Yards
Backpedal 2 x 15 Yards
Sprint2 x 15 Yards @ 75% effort 
Static Stretches 
Hip Flexors 10 seconds, each side 
Butterfly 10 second hold
Knee Pulls 10 second hold, both legs
Knee Huggers10 second hold
Foot Reachers 10 second hold, both legs
Sitting Split 10 second hold
Squat Jumps 10 jumps
Arm Swings 10 reps, both arms
Arm Extenders 10 reps 
Spine Twists 10 reps, each side 
Cobra 10 second hold
Upper Body Stretches 
Arm Across 10 second holds, both arms 
Triceps (Elbow Grabs)10 second holds, both arms 
Forearms Down 10 seconds holds, both arms
Forearms Up 10 second holds, both arms  
Cross Arm Huggers10 reps 
Arm High-Lows 10 reps, each side 
Elbow Touchers 10 reps 
Arm Circles Forward and reverse for 10 seconds each direction, gradually making the circles bigger