The Best Pitching Coach is a Parent with a Plan

The Most Important Pitching Lessons Are the Ones You Teach Yourself

Possibly the most frequently asked questions by baseball parents is: 

“”How do I find the right pitching coach for my child?”

The short answer is that it’s incredibly difficult, and almost always costly. The average price of a 1 hour pitching lesson with a former pro pitcher is around $80. Yet, parents willingly pay that and more every week, believing it’s the only way to help their athlete succeed. 

The cost of training has become so expensive that baseball is experiencing a wave of mass departure.  As the price goes up parents and players are jumping ship to less expensive alternatives like basketball and football. So how can we reconcile this conflict between getting the right coaching and watching the monthly expenses? 

The solution is to educate yourself, the parent, on how to properly coach your child. We set out to make a content app that would help with just this issue. 10 months, and thousands of dollars later, we released Baseball IQ to the world. The first end-to-end at home baseball training app specifically designed to help parents and players develop the professional routine they need to achieve their baseball dreams. 

                                                                                                                                 So what is it? 

First let’s start with the throwing programs. The first step to developing a youth arm is to get on the right daily throwing routine. We went out and found the very best arm care coach in professional baseball, Chad Rhoades, to help us create personalized programs for all different age groups and skill levels, & the results are amazing. 

 The program above is a generic throwing program that you might get at any standard gym or pitching facility. It is simply a table of distances and throws, nothing more. Believe me when I say that parents pay THOUSANDS of dollars for these types of programs, with no instruction or guidance. After 2 weeks, their pitcher is bored & disinterested and after 3 weeks they stop using it all together. The reason? It’s mindless.



 Our programs (on the right) are the first of their kind, because we focus on keeping the mind engaged during the routine just as much as the body. Each week we give you (the parent) a weekly paragraph to help focus the throwing and emphasis key concepts. 


We added an intensity scale, to show your athlete how much intent to put into each throw. Building up & working back down is a key concept that gets lost in 99% of modern throwing programs. 


There are daily questions to drive the athlete’s focus for the session. It is vital to bring awareness to what the body is actually doing while we play catch everyday. If you go through the motions you have wasted an opportunity to become a better pitcher. Think about a goal, internalize a concept, and learn how to move correctly. 


Finally,  we added drill work into our routines. Throwing + drill work is what professional pitchers do EVERY DAY. So why aren’t you? If you want to be the best, practice like the best. 

As you can see, our programs are far superior to anything on the market today. They give your athlete, and YOU the tools you need to actually think like a pitcher, not just go through the motions of one. The difference is huge.

The second element we added to our app was interviews and courses designed by pros on how to deal with every mental aspect of pitching. We partnered with pitching coach Ricky Meinhold on this project. Ricky is the current University of Missouri Pitching Coach, and formerly worked as the Mets Assistant Pitching Coach where he designed routines for MLB All-Stars and top prospects. Here are few sample titles from our library of content:

  • Dealing With Failure: How to help a struggling pitcher

  • 3 Ways to Coach a Better Bullpen 

  • How to Assess On-field Performance 

  • 3 Step Guide for a Great Car Ride Home 

  • 3 Tips for Better Focus on the Mound 

  • Becoming a More Confidence Pitcher 

  • Pitch Development Workshop: How to grip & throw the ball like a pro

  • 12 Week Strength Programs 

  • 12 Week Throwing Programs

Along with our pitching content we have over 100 different videos and articles on hitting, defense, parenting and much much more. Our app has everything you need & will give your player the one thing they need more than all else… CONFIDENCE 


You can spend $120 on two private lessons with a pro, or you can spend $120 on Baseball IQ for an entire year. The content is endless, the help is genuine, and the teachers are the best in baseball. The right routine is everything, let us help you find yours.