Best Baseball Camps for Kids in Wichita Kansas

Outdoor recreation is on the rise once again! With all that’s going on these days, and all the technological stimuli association with being a kid, there is nothing better than letting him/her get outside and play America’s most fun game! So if he does want to put down the phone for a few days this summer, and you are looking for a great baseball camp to put him in, we have identified our 3 favorite in Wichita Kansas this summer! Enjoy! And keep helping your kid have fun playing the game of baseball! #3 Wichita Wingnuts Baseball Camp Website: Ran by: Wichita Wingnut Players & Coaches Camp Dates: N/A Duration Each Day: Day Camp Facilities: Lawrence Dumont Stadium Price: N/A Ages: N/A Coed: Yes Email: From the Website: If you have a son or daughter interested in learning the game of baseball from some of the best local coaches around, get them signed up as soon as you can before all the spots are taken. Email for details or go to our website and click here under the picture of the camp flyer to fill out the registration form and waiver. We are looking forward to having another great group of kids like the last couple of years. GO NUTS!! There is very little information about their camp coming in summer 2017, and their camps can be very unorganized. This may not be the most fun camp your kid will go to all summer, but you can be sure he/she will receive some great baseball instruction. #2 Todd Butler Baseball Camp Website: Ran by: Todd Butler (Head Coach WSU) Camp Dates: N/A Camp Duration: Day Camp Facilities: Bombardier indoor practice facility Price: N/A (estimated price $150) Ages: *In concordance with NCAA rules (whatever that means) Coed: *In concordance with NCAA rules (whatever that means) From the Website: “Thank you for your interest in the Todd Butler’s Shocker Baseball Camps. We are proud to offer top baseball instruction. With several camps offered, you are sure to find a camp that fits every player’s baseball needs. Each player will receive instruction from the coaches of Wichita State as well as current and alumni players. We will demonstrate skills and provide instruction that will allow the player to continue to improve even after their camp experience is over.” We list the Todd Butler Baseball Camp as the #3 best camp in Wichita because there really is a lot of value in getting D1 instruction. Todd Butler is the head coach of WSU, one of the best D1 baseball programs in the state. There are tons of benefits to getting your kid top instruction as he grows into (hopefully) a great baseball player. #1 American Baseball Camps Website: Ran by: Division 1 & Pro Baseball Players Camp Dates: August 6th-9th Duration: 8:30-3:00 (Early & Late Care Inlcuded) Facilities: Robertson Field Address: 4121 N. Seneca St, Wichita, KS 67204 Price: $199.99 (use coupon HOMERUN for $20 off) Ages: (5-12) Coed: Yes Email: From the Website: American Baseball Camps is exploding as the #1 fastest growing baseball camp in America! We saw the overwhelming need for a camp like this in youth baseball to give kids the highest level training with constant encouragement & confidence building from coaches. Our high-level training features video swing & pitching analysis, analyzed from HQ by our team of highly trained Professional Baseball Players. Our confidence-builders include slip n’ slide baseball, home run derby, and more. The mission of American Baseball Camps is to give kids the tools they need to be successful, and the confidence to turn those mechanics into more success on the field. We also reward being a good teammate at the end of every camp day, because we know that is how kids are going to stay in the game longer, make more friends, be liked by coaches, and have a lot more fun playing the game.

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