Course Outline
1. You Have a Plan, but No Approach
2. You Are Throwing too Hard too Early
3. You Don't Know How Many Throws to Make

You Have a Plan, but No Approach

The ABC Approach 

A plan and approach are two different things. We get a lot of people asking us for a custom throwing program…what they mean is a calendar of days to throw, and rest, with distances and a number of throws per distance. 

They want the instruction manual on how to become a better thrower. But development comes from much more than simply following numbers on a page. 

Our Throwing Program is different because we incorporate verbal cues and instruction into each of our throws at designated distances. 

By asking the athlete to focus on the idea of commanding the baseball during their routine, we not only build arm strength, but control as well. 

Creating Awareness 

Each distance offers a discipline to work on. All pitchers have a priority list in their heads when

a ball gets put into their hand. Knowing what is on your priority list can help you shape better


We are never just throwing to throw, we are throwing to become a better pitcher. 

Tables and graphs don’t make you a better baseball player on their own, you also need the right mindset and approach.  

A Better Belief System

Our throwing program creates an internal belief system about what you must do in order to

throw the ball most effectively. 

You may know how many throws you need to make, do you truly know what your body should be doing at each distance you throw at? We can help with that. 

Our program marries a constructive routine with a set of questions and cues to keep the athlete’s mind focused, so that they always feel like they are working on something every single throw they make. We are focused on developing PITCHERS, not THROWERS.