Course Outline
1. You Have a Plan, but No Approach
2. You Are Throwing too Hard too Early
3. You Don't Know How Many Throws to Make

You Are Throwing too Hard too Early

One of the biggest issues we see with throwing programs is that athletes don’t know how hard they should be working at each distance. 

You can throw hard too early in a single throw…but you can also exert too much energy in the early stages of your routine, which can tire you out, prematurely, and affect the end result or goal you are trying to achieve. 

When do You Get on the Gas?

This is the first factor, asking yourself when is it that you actually start to try and throw the ball

hard. Where is your body when you add the ‘umph’ or grunt to throw the ball?

Low intensity throws from a short distance work on command and “feel” for a baseball, but so many young pitchers don’t take these throws seriously enough. 

How do you expect to command the baseball on the mound, if you are not focusing on it during your daily throwing routine?

Know Your Intentions

Intention is having a purpose and dedication to obtaining a goal.

Intent is the conscious connection between your mind and body.

What is the purpose of your warm up? To get loose, or to get better? 

Energy over Emotion

Energy is a choice, emotions happen to you. Routine vs ego, process vs results.

Our program is focused on building the arm and body up from, low intent, form throws into high intensity pitches. 

If you push the gas pedal too early, your body will respond negatively. 

Learning how to build up intensity is vital for proper development and feel.