Course Outline
1. You Have a Plan, but No Approach
2. You Are Throwing too Hard too Early
3. You Don't Know How Many Throws to Make

You Don’t Know How Many Throws to Make

Regulating your workload to maximize healthy and repeatability will separate you from the crowd.

Knowing the amount of throws, the intent, and the specific distances will allow you to crescendo your effort to get the most out of your daily throwing.

Being a Professional

A professional knows it’s hard and does it anyway, this is the most important part of your day.

If you have dreams of playing in the MLB, then it is never too early to start practicing like a big leaguer.

Most big league pitchers got to where they are by formulating a plan, adopting an approach, and sticking to the requirements. 

Taming the Lion

A good throwing program is not about being as intense as possible, all the time, with our efforts. It is about allowing the body to learn the proper techniques so that when it comes time to let the lion of of the cage we are ready to compete at our highest physical and cognitive level. 

2 Years Ahead Question

How much better are you going to be in two years from now? 

What got better?

 It all starts and stems from what you do today.