In this course we will examine the 3 ways that all pro athletes increase their focus on the field. Thinking, Breathing, & Walking are all key components, that when combined, create an environment for the mind and body to perform at their peaks.

Let’s take the three things that you do most throughout the day and find out how we can program ourselves to increase performance. On an average day you will think around 6,000 thoughts, take about 8,000 steps and breathe an average of 20,000 times.  Talk about a lot going on. Let’s ask ourselves some basic questions before discussing further: 

-How many of those thoughts are from yourself compared to coming from other sources?  

-How many of those thoughts are beneficial to a positive goal, and how many of those parts do not benefit a positive goal?  

-How many steps per day did you do in pursuit of enhancing your performance of a set goal compared to steps you took that you did not want to take or were not consciously pursuing a goal of your own?

-How many breaths were you consciously aware of using as a tool to help performance in any way compared to how many breaths were done by your subconscious?  

Often the difference between the development of an athlete, when physical skills are the same, comes down to the quality of choices they make.  As we break down each of our three conscious actions, imagine spending one more minute of conscious focus per day on these than your best opponent would.  Choose to be in the moment and apply the concepts immediately.