3 Tips for Better Focus on the Mound

Final Thoughts



Thinking is an action to thoughts much like eating is to food.  They are also very similar in that you get to choose both.   Much like knowing what types of foods are good for you and bad for you, there are certain thoughts that are good for you and bad for you as well.  The beauty of being an individual is that you get to choose how much good and bad you ingest in your body and into your mind. 

No person in his right mind would sit around all day eating candy bars, potato chips while drinking soda and expect to be in shape or recover quickly.  An athlete’s ability to focus, concentrate and prioritize properly will not progress unless the athlete takes time to water and feed the plant. Being aware of what you need to think is the first step. 

Who do you hang around and listen to? What type of music and lyrics do you listen to and repeat? What tv do you watch and images do you have stick with you? How much do you read?  Every word and image that you let enter your mind is the food that you are feeding your mind. You get to choose what enters, this is the last thing that you load into the ball before you throw it.