3 Tips for Better Focus on the Mound

Final Thoughts



Walking is the first language you speak when you enter the game, walk up to the plate, walk around the mound after a strikeout, your body language speaks volumes of how you feel about the situation you are in.  How do you walk to the mound?  How do you separate yourself from the baseball player “You”, how does he walk differently?  Because he cannot walk any differently than what you already have inside you.  

Feel your feet right now, now think about how your feet feel in your cleats standing on the mound.  How does your foot and toes feel when you get to the top of your lift and you start to initiate your move towards the plate?  Feel your feet with each step you take when walking to the mound, is there purpose in your steps, is there fear?  

Tiger Woods had an approach after each shot whether it was good or bad to take seven steps then move on.  This is a good approach to pitching and throwing in general, give yourself a couple steps to assess and move on, do not let one pitch bleed into the next.  Use your walk as a part of your own confidence and build a structure into how you walk back to the mound after a pitch.  Each step counts, focus on what you want to portray and you are halfway there.