Recognizing Pitches: 3 Ways to See the Ball Better at the Plate

Course Outline
Pre-Pitch Tells
Picking Up Signs

Picking Up Signs


  • When running the bases, you can help your teammates with pitches
    • If I am on second I can see the catcher’s signs, and sometimes the ball/grip in the glove of the pitcher
    • Actively looking for details like grips and signs unravel even the most dominant pitcher 
  • If you know what pitch is coming on second base, have a system to relay signs to the hitter
    • Keep your signs to 2 only, off-speed & fastball
      • For instance, when you take your lead dangle one arm down if you know the pitch is going to be a fastball, and dangle two arms for off-speed
      • You could also take your lead and adjust your helmet for fastball, and adjust your belt for off speed 
    • The name of the game is subtlety 
      • Keep it simple, and keep it natural looking 
      • If you get caught you lose the advantage 
  • As a bench player you need to be watching the opposing team’s runners to see if they have your signs 
  • Only relay signs if you are 100% sure you have them
    • Relay the wrong sign will result in an out, every time 
  • Picking up the signs can also help your ability to steal 3rd
    • If I know a curveball is coming I have a much better chance at stealing 3rd
    • Pick your moments to be aggressive, especially if you know what is being thrown 
    • Another tell is if the catcher changes his stance when a curveball is being thrown
      • Is there more body movement?
      • Does he look more agitated? 
  • The lesson here is that you always need to be looking to gain an advantage