Recognizing Pitches: 3 Ways to See the Ball Better at the Plate

Course Outline
Pre-Pitch Tells
Picking Up Signs

Pre-Pitch Tells


  •  When on deck or on the bench, watch the pitcher warm up
    • Does he do anything differently when he throws a fastball versus a curveball? 
    • During warm-ups, pitchers don’t normally think about hiding pitches and can give away their “tell” more noticeably 
  • Stay engaged in the game
    • Just because you aren’t playing at that moment doesn’t mean you can’t help the hitters figure out what pitch is coming
    • There’s always a job you can do 
  • There are  many different tells that a pitcher might have
    • Does he “Dig” for pitches?
      • Does the pitcher move his glove around, or “dig” for his off-speed pitches?
    • Does he always throw the same pitch in certain counts? 
      • 1-0 count is always a fastball 
    • Does the angle of his wrist change on off-speed? 
      • Some guys will turn their wrist to get a better grip of the ball
      • Watch the wrist and forearm and see if the angle changes from fastball to off-speed
    • Do his eyes give away anything?
      • Does he look into his glove to get the right grip on his changeup? 
      • The eyes can give away a lot of information 
  • Ultimately we are looking for anything different or strange
    • You will know it when you see it, but if something looks off in the pitcher’s delivery, look for it again and see if he is giving away his pitches