• Tunneling is the concept of keeping your eyes focused on the small window of space where the pitcher’s hand travels through to release the ball 
    • Instead of watching the pitcher we focus solely on the release point
    • This focus will help you pick up the ball sooner and react faster
  • The tunnel helps you recognize pitches
    • If the ball stays in the window and releases down it is a fastball or changeup
    • If the ball pops up out of the window, it is a curveball 
    • Some pitchers will even change their release point on certain pitches 
      • Maybe the release point is lower on his changeup because he is slowing his arm down?
    • Watch the window and look for inconsistencies 
  • In advantage counts, tunneling can help you ambush pitches
    • If you are ahead in the count, say 2-0, sit on a fastball in the window 
      • If you see the ball pop up out of the hand lay off it 
      • If the ball stays flat through the window, hammer it
  • Tunneling focuses your eyes on the area that the ball will appear in first which gives you a split second longer to react 
  • Focus on the space not the pitcher