Final Thoughts


The Low and Away fastball is a great place to start when creating bullpen scripts for any pitcher.  Specifically, the gloveside down fastball, meaning that a right handed pitcher facing a right handed batter is both low and away and glove side down.  Same for a left handed pitcher facing a left handed batter.  

The LAW is beneficial for all types of pitchers.  A few key points on what it offers a pitcher:

-Most mechanically efficient pitch, timing, direction and rhythm must be on point to hit this spot consistently.

-It is a pitch that will incur the least amount of damage, especially for hitters aggressive early in the count.

-This spot and pitch will let you get ahead in the count, crawl back into counts or throw in leverage counts.

-It gives a consistent release point that offspeed can tunnel off of. 

Using Blocks

The glove side FB Block: 5 pitches, each ‘block’ of work begins and ends with a glove side FB. What you work on in between those blocked FB’s is up to you. It could be a command of a specific pitch focus or use of a breaking ball. The purpose is to always have a steady reminder with your ‘block’ glove side FB of its usage and importance to building your other pitches off of its finished intent. And example below of a FB block that you can use and modify to create your own bullpen routines: