Course Outline
Part 1: Always Be Coachable
Part 2: Play Hard & Hustle
Part 3: Be a Positive Leader
Part 4: Keep Your Emotions in Check
Part 5: Take Care of Your Grades

Always Be Coachable

  • Coaches Talk 
    • Understand that the college that is recruiting you will always interview you high school or travel ball coach about you
    • Your relationships with your high school coaches are therefor super important during the recruiting process
    • Treating them with respect at all times, regardless of disagreements is step number 1
  • Always Try
    • One of the first questions a recruiter will ask you HS coach will be “Is he coachable?’
    • Basically, he wants to know if you are willing to take advice or does your ego get in the way of taking instruction?
    • Take pride in always trying to work with your HS coach, give him your best effort, and if you disagree talk about it like adults
    • If you bad mouth your HS coach behind his back and undermine his intelligence by refusing to take advice this will hurt your chances of getting recruited 
  • Don’t Take It Personally 
    • Are you the type of kid that sulks in the dugout after getting yelled at by a coach? Or are you the type of kid that says “Yes Sir”, makes eye contact, and works harder? 
    • HS coaches want the best for you, be motivated by their criticism, and they will have your back during your recruiting process