Course Outline
Part 1: Always Be Coachable
Part 2: Play Hard & Hustle
Part 3: Be a Positive Leader
Part 4: Keep Your Emotions in Check
Part 5: Take Care of Your Grades

Be a Positive Leader

  • Not All Leaders are Vocal 
    • Leadership takes many forms, some guys are the loud voice on the field directing the game, others are more quiet, but let their play on the field help lead others
    • Leadership is about being genuine and being stable
    • No one will follow you if you crave attention, they will only follow you if you work hard and support them emotionally
  • Is It Genuine? 
    • A college coach can sniff out fake leadership from a mile away, by how your teammates react to you
    • If you are not well liked by your teammates this is a big red flag
    • Celebrating others success as much as your own is a great way to build trust and respect
  • Ways to be a Good Leader: 
    • Communicate the situations to your fellow fielders and make sure everyone is on the same page 
    • Encourage players that make mistakes by putting an arm around them and focusing them on the next play 
    • Celebrate the success of others
    • Don’t let your teammates bad mouth your coach behind his back 
    • If someone is acting in a way that is detrimental to the team, confront him 
    • Value winning more than personal ambition. People follow winners 
    • Offer to stay after practice to help another guy get better