Course Outline
Part 1: Always Be Coachable
Part 2: Play Hard & Hustle
Part 3: Be a Positive Leader
Part 4: Keep Your Emotions in Check
Part 5: Take Care of Your Grades

Keep Your Emotions in Check

  • How Do You Handle Failure?
    • Scouts watch every aspect of the game, including your moments off the field 
    • How do you react after a strikeout? Do you go and talk to the on-deck batter and tell him what pitches you saw and how he can gain an advantage? Or do you kick dirt, throw equipment, or sulk in the corner? 
    • Coaches want guys that are able to have a short memory and stay focused on making the next play
    • Guys that dwell on the past and get angry about things they can no longer control will be issues at the college level
    • You can have a great at-bat and get out and you can also have a terrible at-bat and get on base; Baseball is a game of luck
    • Stay positive and focus on what you can control (the next pitch) 
  • How Do You Handle Success?
    • Coaches also watch to see how you react to your moments of accomplishment 
    • They want competitors, not jerks
    • Pimping homeruns or yelling at the other team after you hit a double will get you crossed of a recruiters list
    • We want to show positive emotion towards our dugout, not disrespectful emotion towards our opponent
    • Share your success with your guys, don’t demonstrate arrogance by focusing the attention on yourself 
  • Never Yell at an Umpire
    • Umpires are humans, and humans make mistakes 
    • Yelling at an umpire if he makes a bad call accomplishes nothing but making you look like a total jerk 
    • Take a deep breath and move on to the next moment 
    • College coaches love to see how guys respond to bad calls. Does it motivate them to be better? Or does it distract them and lead to more mistakes?