Course Outline
Part 1: Always Be Coachable
Part 2: Play Hard & Hustle
Part 3: Be a Positive Leader
Part 4: Keep Your Emotions in Check
Part 5: Take Care of Your Grades

Play Hard & Hustle

  • Take Pride in Your Routine 
    • Every college coaches watches how you warm up 
    • Do you take care of the little things by preparing your body and mind for the game? 
    • Coaches want guys that have routines and are dedicated to their craft, if you are lazy before the game that speaks volumes about your character 
    • Jogging, stretching, sprinting and throwing need to be a consistent part of your game day warm-up 
  • Play with Your Hair on Fire
    • Coaches want guys that play with passion and energy
    • They want to see you putting the team first and putting your body on the line to help the guys around you be better
    • A coach would rather see you lay out and knock a ball down than pull up and let it go past you
    • The guys that are the most aggressive on the field get the most eyes on them
  • Show How Bad You Want It? 
    • Hustle is often the 50/50 decider between two recruits vying for the same roster spot 
    • “Who will make my team & the guys around him better?” 
    • Coaches can work with a less talented guy who hustles and plays aggressively more than they can with a talented guys who is lazy
  • Ways to be Aggressive: 
    • Lay out for balls in the hole 
    • Take aggressive turns on the bases 
    • Look to take extra bases when the other team makes an error
    • Backing up bases on defense
    • Sprinting on & off the field 
    • Diving back into bases on pickoff attempt 
    • Sliding on any close play
    • Sprinting to get into your cut-off position