Course Outline
Part 1: Always Be Coachable
Part 2: Play Hard & Hustle
Part 3: Be a Positive Leader
Part 4: Keep Your Emotions in Check
Part 5: Take Care of Your Grades

Take Care of Your Grades

  • Academics Are the Great Decider 
    • An athlete’s GPA is the final metric that coaches consider when recruiting a player 
    • If there are 3 guys all vying for the same spot, academics will decide who gets the roster spot 
  • Good Grades Say A Lot 
    • A good GPA shows your are hard working, coachable, a good listener 
    • They help answer the million dollar question: “What kind of kid am I getting?”
  • Bad Grades Say Even More 
    • If a kid has a bad GPA it shows laziness, plain and simple 
    • Bad grades will require the coaching staff to worry about your ability to be eligible on the field 
    • “Is this kid capable of balancing his school work and our athletic schedule?” 
    • If your grades are even the slightest issue it will make every coach think twice about taking you