Pre-Recruiting Checklist & Advice

  • Before you can even consider getting recruited, make sure your GPA is priority #1.
  • Your grades as a freshman and sophomore will directly impact your ability to get recruited as a junior and senior.
  • Talking with your high school coach/college advisor will allow you to make a preliminary list of ten schools to target.
  • Make sure to start tracking your velocities, sprint times, batting averages, and other relevant stats to show progression.
  • Record some live at-bats, this will allow you to identify flaws and track mechanical progress,
  • Talk to your parents and make a budget, honest discussions about money will allow you as a team to make a plan and stick to it.
  • Is your goal to get the best education, to play in the MLB, or something else? Understanding your motivations are a vital first step in the recruiting process.
  • Talk to a former college athlete and ask them for advice. “What should I know, and what would you have done differently?”
  • Get in the gym and work on your strength.
  • Investing time and money into getting stronger is the most valuable thing you can do for your baseball career as a young high school player.

Click here for a printable Pre-recruiting Checklist