Hip External Rotation

*Again – Mike and Ricky it would be great to have a recorded zoom with you guys explaining this in greater detail with some mechanical video you’re showing them.

Not meant to be the right thing but this is how a video could complement this section:

Defintion: Holding pattern created by good loading pattern in which knee resist working towards target In the delivery.
Identification: As the pitcher begins to move down the mound a vertical shin angle is maintained, delaying hip rotation with the knee above the ankle. (Perspective: Open Side)

Breakdown: Hip External Rotation is the idea that we want to keep our front hip closed as long as we can. If we consider our pitching motion in its individual parts, we are focusing on the time between front leg lift, and front foot landing. If our front hip opens, the knee will go with it, and point towards are target. Keeping the hip and knee closed allows of to create positive momentum towards the plate, and also allows us to use our power more efficiently.