LEG DRIVE: The Four Hip Movements of the Pitching Motion

Hip Internal Rotation

*Again – Mike and Ricky it would be great to have a recorded zoom with you guys explaining this in greater detail with some mechanical video you’re showing them.

Not meant to be the right thing but this is how a video could complement this section:

Definition: Unloading pattern in which knee rotates downward, driving pelvis rotation into hip extension. In addition, ankle eversion with proper trunk positioning will improve ability to acheive pelvic tilt (anterior) for trunk flexion later in delivery.
Identification: The knee will begin rotating and driving down into the ground. The back foot will maintain contact with rubber and then begin to work inward with rotation bringing the heel up.   (Perspective: Open Side)

Breakdown: Hip Internal Rotation is the idea of unloading, or unwinding the hips. This is the fourth hip phase in the sequence, and it is all about timing. Ideally, we want our hip to open up right as the front foot is about to strike the ground, so that our front knee goes from pointing at either first or third base, to pointing at home plate. If this movement happens to early, we will create rotational energy which will pull our body off line. If this movement happens to last, our front foot will spin in the ground creating instability, and inaccuracy. Opening your hips quickly, right before foot strike will help keep your momentum heading towards the plate.