Know the Point of the Meeting
Master Your Body Language
Time Your Visits Carefully
Never Disrespect an Umpire
The Words You Say Matter
The Weirdest Mound Visit

Know the Point of the Meeting

The Point of the Meeting

This mound visit is not about you, if you are going out for the benefit of the player or the team then your words need to be chosen wisely. 

The point of any mound visit is to slow the game down.  This could be slowing the game down for the pitcher, slowing momentum for the other team or simply slowing a message down so your infield can internalize it.  Know the purpose and point of the meeting before hopping up and running out there. 

Get their attention by asking open ended questions like, “How do you feel?” or “Alright, tell me how you’re feeling?” Once you get their attention you can help influence their emotions.  Use their own breathing to help slow the situation down, minimize stress of the situation and put focus on the task at hand. 

If you can hear and feel yourself breathing you are in the moment.