Part 3: Hit It On A Line, Not In The Air

Hit the ball on a line, not in the air off the tee. It’s worth noting that the MLB stars in the video highly emphasized lined drives off the tee. Trust us when we say that we love launch angle work too, but when you are on the tee it is crucial to hit the ball on a line and not in the air. Let’s dive into this point in greater detail.

    1. When you are getting your work in off the tee you don’t have to worry about the ball moving or the ball spinning.
    2. 80% of pitches are intended to be outside and the most frequent pitch thrown by far is a fastball.
    3. So what a pitcher is trying to do is throw the ball with backspin to the outside part of the plate.
    4. When a pitcher throws the ball with backspin it has a rising factor, rather than sinking.
    5. When the ball has a rising factor we tend to hit under the middle of the ball hitting the ball more in the air or if we miss the ball its always because we are missing underneath it and not over the top of it.
    6. Another game factor that Freddi Freeman mentioned in the video (5 min mark) is that in the game you swing harder because of the adrenaline and that causes you to elevate the ball or hit the ball more on the bottom of the ball.
    7. If we train ourselves to hit a ball with no spin (like the one on the tee) on a low line like Freddy Freeman is talking about, then a fastball (which has backspin) will tend to elevate into the gap or hopefully over the fence.
    8. Our ideal in-game launch angle is 10-20 degrees, but off the tee we have to keep it 2-10 degrees.

Please make sure that you understand this list in great detail. Just because we choose to be concise doesn’t mean it isn’t a lot of information to digest. Spend some time reading back through this list and research any topics further that you don’t understand fully.

Now that we understand the correct plan of attack for the baseball, let’s spend some time talking about reps & sequencing off the tee.