Part 2: Approach & Setup

The setup. To set this up we want the L-screen or I-screen flipped to where the flat end is even with the center of the plate. We want the L-screen about 15 feet away and we want to throw at a velocity that is accurate for the fastball velocity that the player will be seeing. This velocity is extremely important and it’s why we recommend a Pocket Radar as one of our favorite products for players serious about their game. Below is a grid identifying optimal velocity from 15 feet as you throw front toss to a player in the following age groups. We want you to use a pocket radar to get to optimal speed and then get comfortable and consistent feeding them with that speed. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a dad flipping front toss at a way too slow or way too fast of a speed and then the kid is way too early or late when they started hitting real BP.


Optimal Front Toss Distance


Optimal Front Toss Distance Methodology



Safety & form. For the sake of time, please watch this well-made video outlining the safety and form required to throw good front toss.