Part 2: Stay Through The Ball

We know this is a section that you hear about all the time so it’s going to be short.

You will never drive the ball the other way with authority if you don’t stay through the ball.

We need to get on plane with the ball and stay on the plane for as long as possible.

When a fastball comes down the middle, we have a point in our swing where our bat meets the ball. The thing is, timing is a really difficult thing for every hitter, and what if we aren’t exactly timed up to hit it when our barrel is lined up.

This is the reason it is so important to not meet the ball at a contact point, rather, we want to get to a contact point early and stay through that same plane for as long as possible. Here’s a video example to visualize what we’re talking about. It’s not about meeting the ball on a plane where we’d square it up, it’s about staying on that plane for as long as possible.

Quick note – the average MLB player has his barrel in the hitting zone or “on plane” for 2 full feet, the average high school player for only 10 inches. Want to make a huge jump in your baseball career? Stay through the baseball and give yourself a better chance to make good contact with a larger margin for error.


Staying Through The Ball American Baseball Camps

Same thing but from overhead view:

Staying Through The Ball ABC