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Heiden Throws

Heiden Throws 

Heiden Throws are a back leg drive exercise. 

We start in a neutral, athletic stance with shoulders in line to the target. 

Next, we take the front leg and swing it behind our back leg, which will load the back quad up with tension. 

We then jump off the back leg trying to spring as far as we can towards the target without overbalancing. 

We land on the lead leg, balance, and then repeat the same motion in the opposite direction, returning to where we started. 

After the return hop, we quickly load the back leg again and explosively deliver the ball to the target. 

By jumping in this manner we start to teach the body what it’s like to load and explode off our back side. Pitching is all about leg strength and power, and there is no better way to work on those concepts than this drill.