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RDL Kikuchi Drill

RDL Kikuchi Drill 

The RDL Kikuchi Drill helps in creating more back side drive. 

This drill is a variation of an exercise made famous by Blue Jays’ pitcher Yusei Kikuchi. 

We start by putting a baseball on the ground in front of our back foot.

Next we balance on our back foot, holding the front leg in our pitching lift position. 

We then swing the front leg back behind us and reach down to pick up the baseball, and return to the pitching leg lift position once again. 

The final step is to elevate onto the tips off our toes before releasing our body weight down and throwing the ball to the target. 

The goal with this drill is to better engage the back leg. By raising onto the tips of our toes we fire up the muscles in our calves and quads and create downward momentum which will result in a more explosive throw.