Making a Good Throw

Part 3: Making a Good Throw

  • Making a good throw is all about making the “right” throw
    • This requires you to know the situation before the pitch is thrown
      • “If the ball is hit here I am throwing the ball there”
  • Get the ball to a glove 
    • You can’t tag the runner out, so focus on getting the ball to someone who can as efficiently as possible
    • When fielding a ball look for the glove, as the target, not the runner or the base
  • Communicate with your other outfielders
    • The outfielder who is backing you up, or “spectating” the play needs to be looking at the infield and seeing how the play is developing
      • Did the runner fall down? 
      • What base is the cut off man angled towards? 
      • Which infielder should he look for? 
    • Yelling “3” or “4” is helpful, but yelling “Look for short” or “Look for 1st” is more helpful 
    • There is always a way you can help the team even if you are not involved with the play 
      • Monitor the runners and relay the scene 
  • Focus on the routine 
    • Rarely will you win a game by making an amazing throw, but you can lose a game by trying to make an amazing throw
      • Overthrowing a cutoff man can turn a 1 run inning into a multi-run inning very quickly
      • Limit the danger and keep the force plays in tact 
    • Remember that your job is not to throw people out it is to get the ball to the required teammate as efficiently as possible
      • We don’t need heroes, we need smart players with plans that trust their team

The question isn’t “How do I throw out more runners?” it’s “How do I stop runners from running?”  Take pride in being in control and getting the ball into the hands of the next guy in the sequence. It’s a team game, so think, focus, and make the right throw.