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Pitch Recognition
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Situational Approach

Situational Approach

Look for Patterns: 

  • If you are not paying attention to how the pitcher is sequencing his pitches you are missing an easy way to gain an advantage. 
  • Ask yourself:  “What pitch does he like to throw with 2 strikes?” “Is it always the same?” “Does he fall into any predictable patterns in specific counts?”
  • Watch the game and take mental notes, during your next at-bat this information may help you identify a pitch before it is thrown, and lead to an easy base hit. 

Use Your Teammates:

  • Talk to the guys that have hit before you. 
  • Ask them what pitches they saw, and how they moved. “Did they see anything that can help you succeed in your next at-bat?”
  • Communication between hitters occurs constantly at the pro level, but rarely at the youth level.
  • Make it your mission to build a team culture where everyone works together to beat the pitcher.