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  • Learn both baseball and life skills at one of our Kansas City Baseball Camps.
  • Our local baseball camps let young ball players grow alognside thier friends while being taught by some of the best local baseball players.
  • At American Baseball Camps we strive to provide the best summer, winter and spring baseball camps in Kansas City.
  • We aim to get your camper to the next level with one of our local camps near you.
  • Aquire knowledge baseball knowledge about the fundamentals to the more technical skills to take you to the next level!
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Come join us at American Baseball Camps, where we put your athlete first! We are a group of coaches that are eager to bring the fun and positivity back to baseball. Through team-bonding exercises, fun extracurricular activities and competitive games we are looking to bring fun and competition to each athlete, and help them develop a foundation for loving this game as they move forward in their baseball careers. This game is tough, and accepting failure is not an easy thing to do, but turning to your foundation and remembering why you play, is how you move past the failure in your attempts to grow. That is where we come in, American Baseball Camps want to help structure your athlete’s foundation as to why he/she loves the game of baseball.