American Made Comfort Tee, Grey


This shirt says I’m a man, I love this country, and I love baseball.

This premium quality shirt comes in: medium, large, extra large. We could have made a little more money and had these made in China but we knew you’d respect that we had these made in the US. This is one of the highest quality brands you can get for a tee shirt. You’ll be comfortable, and you’ll be representing your country and the game of baseball nicely with this tee at your son’s next game.

When we manufactured this shirt we were thinking of stealing bases. We were thinking about curveball counts, waiting until the pitcher lifts up his leg, and taking off. What this does is it gives your son a 1500% greater chance of stealing bases when you wear this shirt to one of his game. (Wikipedia, 2017)

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“Did you hear about the new pitching machine that tells you what’s wrong with your swing? It’s called Dad”

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Medium, Large, XL