Wichita, KS Spring Baseball Hitting Clinic March 13th


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1-Day Hitting Clinic

If you like what we’ve done in the past you’re going to love this hitting concentrated clinic. The first 50 campers will get in.

  • Date: March 13th: 1:00PM – 4:00PM
  • Age Groups: 8-9 | 10-12 | 13-15 | 16-18
  • Location: 316 Baseball 2025 W Harry St
  • Please register one camper at a time
  • Scroll down for much more details about the camp
  • Prices rise as we get closer to filling up
  • Questions? Call Camp Director Nick Rotola at 316-789-5996

Customize Your Camp Experience

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Mission of this Clinic:

Developing skills and character traits in young ballplayers with a confidence-building, teammate oriented, self-esteem building baseball program over 2 days. We want to challenge ballplayers in all facets of being a baseball player including hitting, fielding, baserunning, pitching, catching, being coachable, being a good teammate, talking to coaches and umpires correctly, appreciating the sacrifice of parents and understanding the benefits of working hard.

Logan Watkins American Baseball Camps Coach

“I’ve trained in some of the best programs and seen baseball at almost every level on my route to the big leagues, and I am certain that this clinic is exactly what your kid needs at his point in his young baseball career.”

– Logan Watkins Former Chicago Cubs Second Basemen & American Baseball Camps Instructor/Camp Designer


What’s included?

  • One Day Hitting Clinic
  • 3 Hours of Focused Baseball Instruction
  • Age-Based Divisions
  • Mental Game of Hitting in Meeting Room, Concentration Grids
  • Hours of Quality Reps
  • Extremely Knowledgeable Coaches Dedicated to Building Confidence in Players
  • Detailed Video Analysis on Each Hitter & Pitcher ($100 Value!) Offered

Location & Address:

316 Baseball Harry Facility (Address: 2025 W Harry Wichita Ks 67213)

Here’s a GPS link to camp!


Questions? Call or text Wichita Camp Director Nick Rotola at 316-789-5996!


Nick Rotola
Camp Director (8-12 Group & 13-18 Group)

Nick Rotola was an outfielder with the 2018 Wichita Wingnuts and 2019 with the Cleburne Railroaders. Before that, he was a 4 year letter-winner at Division 1 Oral Roberts University in Tulsa. This will be his 4th year of coaching with American Baseball Camps in Wichita, and will serve as the camp's Director.

Leo Vargas
Hitting/Infield Coach (8-12 Group)

Leo Vargas has been with the Wichita Wingnuts as their every-day shortstop from 2015-2018. He hails from Miami, Florida where he trained under legendary infield coordinators. He also attended a top Division 1 university where he picked up a few infield tricks as well. He will be training the infielders at camp.

Abel Nieves
Hitting/Pitching Coach (13-18 Group)

Abel Nieves is one of the most decorated Pro Players that currently lives in Kansas. He had an extensive stint with the LA Angels, and has spent parts of the last 3 seasons as the Wichita Wingnuts 3-hole hitter. Abel is the type of baseball mind that professional players go to for advice, he is an absolute stud and he's a great guy. We're thrilled to have him!

Taylor Sanagorski
Catching Coach (8-12 Group & 13-18 Group)

Former Detroit Tigers draft pick, Wichita State Catcher, and current Newman University Assistant Coach, Taylor Sanagorski is more than qualified to work with our catchers and hitters at camp. Taylor has a contagious energy and love for the game that is a perfect fit with American Baseball Camps. We are thrilled to have him as an instructor at this camp!

Jim Foltz
Hitting Coach (8-12 Group)

Jim Foltz was an Assistant Coach with the Ind AA Wichita Wingnuts and is currently the Head Varsity Baseball Coach with Goddard. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the ABC coaching staff for this camp!

Paul Sanagorski
Hitting Coach (13-18 Group)

Paul Sanagorski is an outstanding hitting mind and we are so lucky to have him at this camp. Paul was a hitting coach for many years in the minor leagues and has a world series ring with the '03 Marlins. We are so happy to have Paul on our staff for this camp!

Logan Watkins
All Purpose Coach (8-12 Group & 13-18 Group)

Logan Watkins is a legend in Wichita as one of the only men to make it to the show out of our humble city. Logan is still a star in AAA Mexican League where he plays up the middle and in center. Logan has a contagious personality and is just a brilliant baseball mind. We are beyond blessed to have Logan with us for this camp!

Rob Rotola
All Purpose Coach

If you've been to a camp in the past you will know and have loved Coach Rob. Coach Rob coached 3 of our big leaguers to come out of Wichita over the last 20 years. He is a wealth of knowledge and has an incredible energy! So thankful to have Coach Rob at this camp!!

Chase Simpson
Traveling Coach - (8-12 & 13-18 Groups)

Chase led the American Association League in Home Runs in 2019. The former WSU and Pittsburg Pirates AA star is a switch hitting third baseman. He is traveling from Dallas for at least one weekend of this incredible camp. He helps run the D-Bat program in Dallas. Thrilled to have Chase at this camp!!

Jeff Oldenburg
Hitting & Defense Coach (8-12 Group)

Hitting guru Jeff Oldenburg has built an incredible program at Life Prep Academy in Wichita where he serves as the Head Varsity Baseball Coach. Jeff also runs the Wichita Aeros program in town which is exploding. Jeff is an incredible guy, and a perfect fit for our camp. We are so lucky to have Jeff coaching with us at this camp!!

Tim Rotola
Fielding & Baserunning Coach (8-12 & 13-18 Groups)

If you've had Tim as a coach you know how outstanding he is. Division 1 Centerfielder at Liberty University (a Top 50 school) and made it to Independent AA with the Wichita Wingnuts also in Center Field. Tim is positive and builds lots of confidence, which if you haven't figured it out yet, makes kids play better!!


More Details On Each Session

Hitting Session: A perfect mix of “new school” sabermetrics/hitting-analytics paired with old school fundamentals, our hitting program has been proven to help ballplayers of all ages get better and hit with more confidence. We teach campers what to think, how to have a plan, and how to succeed as a hitter in any level. We also take the time to build the right habits as we fix and critique problem areas. We highly recommend you select the video swing analysis as an add on because it gives us the ability to spend extra time looking at each kid’s swing and emailing you our long-term recommendations with video examples of what we’re talking about.

Fielding Session: Our fielding session is all about getting good, quality reps. Combining the best new coaching tactics from Division 1 Collegiate & Professional ranks, our coaches have compiled just the right drills and fundamental teaching points to help each fielder take his defense to the next level.

Baserunning Session: Baserunning is more important than ever for those hoping to gain a college scholarship in baseball. Our staff has compiled just the right thoughts that should be going through your head at each base in each situation. We are excited to teach the cutting edge tactics that are helping ballplayers steal more bases, advance on more passed balls, and score on more singles from second base. Baserunners will also learn leads, when/how to tag, secondaries, dirtball reads, and stealing tactics taught by the pros.

Pitching Session: We teach you how to win the chess match with the hitter, and how to locate the right kind of pitches at the right time. Our lokator technology motivates any pitcher to start seeing the strike zone as a grid with spots to strike any hitter out. We integrate techniques to help pitchers throw more strikes, and throw harder. We are very proud of our pitching program, its the culmination of a lot of years of baseball know-how paired with the best of baseball’s newest technology and advice.

Catching Session: We refine the skills of each catcher, working on pop times, receiving, blocking, communicating, calling pitches, and more. Catcher is the fastest route to the big leagues, so we encourage every catcher to prioritize their defense with an ironed out ABC routine with many borrowed from MLB & Division 1 Catchers.



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February 17th 2021, Wichita, Kansas– American Baseball Camps (American Baseball Camps) is back in the Wichita, Kansas area. American Baseball Camps founder Nick Rotola is accompanied by expert coaches in each major position: catching, infield, outfield, pitching and hitting.

The emphasis of this clinic: Developing character traits in young ballplayers with a confidence-building, teammate oriented, self-esteem building baseball clinic. We want to challenge ballplayers in all facets of being a baseball player including being coachable, being a good teammate, talking to coaches and umpires correctly, appreciating the sacrifice of parents and understanding the benefits of working hard.

Coaching is highlighted by some of Wichita’s best baseball minds. Lead instructor Rob Rotola has coached two of the MLB players that have come out of Wichita. There are only a handful of MLB guys that have made it out of Wichita and he’s happened to coach two of them. Assisting him is Pual Sanagorski a former MLB Coach with the Florida Marlins (he has a world series ring!). Also an assistant coach is one of the best baseball players the Wichita Wingnuts have ever had. Abel Nieves hit three-hole for every minor league club he was with including hitting over .300 at almost every level. Peaking in Triple-A for many years, and Double-A for many years, Abel has learned the game from many managers at many levels. Along with Rob and Abel, we will have former Divison 1 player at ORU and current Minor Leaguer, Nick Rotola on the coaching staff to help each camper.

ABC Spring Clinic will be offering pro-grade video evaluations (add-on)  with recommendations & pro-grade drills & competitions (included) designed to take strides in a young player’s baseball career.

Sessions are available now for players of all skill levels. This clinic is tailored for serious little league, high school, and travel team players throughout the Wichita area.

A one-time registration fee grants every player premium instruction in every facet of their game, whether it be: infield, outfield, pitching, catching, or hitting. If your player plays any of these positions, he will get premium instruction in each area!

This year’s program is an opportunity for players from Wichita, Maize, Goddard, Valley Center and Andover areas to get better and learn the game from great coaches.

The two-day instruction program is led by local and non-local professional and high-end Coaches through American Baseball Camps. Get better & gain confidence in baseball, whether you are on a travel team or high school team already or aspire to be on one.

Our expert coaches will help you gain an edge on the competition as you train to a higher level right before season starts! Space is limited by a low player-coach ratio. Sign up now!


What if the weather is bad?
Our Spring clinic will be indoors at 316 Baseball West (13th and Ridge)

What should my camper wear?
We are asking campers to wear baseball pants for this clinic. If they don’t have them, they can wear shorts. Turf shoes work best, if you don’t have them sneakers will work just fine. Molded cleats also work very well on turf, we ask that you don’t wear spikes.

What baseball equipment should we bring?

Anything that you might use in a typical game. Catchers make sure to bring your gear.

Who does the coaching?

This clinic will be led by Camp Director and current Minor Leaguer Nick Rotola. Nick will be accompanied by longtime baseball coach Rob Rotola, ex MLB star Logan Watkins, 13 Year Professional Career Abel Nieves, Former Wichita Wingnut Leo Vargas, Newman University Assistant Coach Taylor Sanagorski, accompanied by other local HS Coaches and College Players.

Can girls come?
Of course, anybody interested in baseball will get a lot better and have a ton of fun at this clinic! Remember, we separate players based on age and general skill level for the best experience.

Do your coaches undergo background checks?
Yes, every coach that represents American Baseball Camps undergoes a background & security check.

Can we pick up early or drop off late?
Not at our spring clinic

How does lunchtime work?
We will not be offering lunch.

What if my kid is new to baseball? Will he/she enjoy the camp?
Absolutely! American Baseball Camps are all about positive energy and being a good teammate. When ballplayers are good teammates they encourage each other and pick each other up, which makes new ballplayers much more comfortable. On top of that, our hand-picked coaching staff is trained to train each kid at their ability level – not their age level – leaving many kids feeling encouraged and confidence in their own improvement throughout the clinic.

What if my kid is an expert baseball player? Will he/she enjoy the clinic?
Our premium camp formula and volume-based reps give each and every ballplayer a bump in their game. Our ABC Wichita Spring Clinic is a place where a good ballplayer can get 6-18 hours of focused reps in a dream baseball environment.

What is your refund policy?
Cancellations outside of a month of the clinic will receive a refund minus a $25 cancellation fee. Cancellations inside a month of the clinic will receive a credit toward our next winter/spring/summer camp near you – we do this because our clinics and camps are popular and fill up quickly, so if your spot is reserved we more than likely turned another kid away. If a pre-clinic injury prevents a player from attending, we will refund your money upon receipt of a doctor’s explanation.

What is your coach-to-player ratio?
American Baseball Camps maintains an 8 to 1 player-to-coach ratio at our clinic. Last second signups may slightly skew the ratio, but this will not compromise the integrity of the clinic or the quality of instruction. We go out of our way to get you the best possible instruction in your area.

What precautions are taken for allergies?
At sign up we prompt parents to list their child’s allergies so that we can tailor a plan for each clinic and camp. Kids are not allowed to share foods and instructors aid to the allergies listed at sign up.

For any other questions please email us at

Player's Age Group

Ages 8-9 (1:00PM – 4:00PM), Ages 10-12 (1:00PM – 4:00PM), Ages 13-15 (1:00PM – 4:00PM), Ages 16-18 (1:00PM – 4:00PM)

Hitting Video Evaluations

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ABC Camp Hat

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