Best Summer Youth Baseball Camp In West Covina/LA California

Outdoor recreation is on the rise once again! With all that’s going on these days, and all the technological stimuli association with being a kid, there is nothing better than letting him/her get outside and play a great sport in a fun and encouraging environment. So if he does want to put down the phone for a few days this summer, and you are looking for a great baseball camp to put him in, we have identified our 3 favorite in the West Covina/Los Angeles California area this summer!

Enjoy! And keep helping your kid get better and gain confidence in the game of baseball.

#3 Titans Youth Baseball Camp


Ran by: Fullerton Baseball

Camp Dates: June, July

Duration Each Day: Day Camp


Goodwin Field

Price: $285

Ages: 5-11

Coed: No


From the Website:

Titan Baseball Academy in California offers an opportunity for players to receive valuable instruction on the fundamental skills of baseball. Campers will be made aware of the characteristics that define successful baseball players. Organized games between campers will provide a competitive outlet after specific drills have been practised. Contests built into drills capture the learner’s attention, which results in attentive practice.

#2 Trojans Baseball Camp


Ran by: USC

Camp Dates: N/A

Camp Duration: N/A

Facilities: N/A

Price: N/A

Ages: N/A

Coed: N/A

From the Website: N/A

The information on the trojans website is very minimal – they promise that there is a camp that will fit yours or any child who is willing to participate.

#1 American Baseball Camps West Covina California Baseball Camp


Link to Camp:

Ran by: Professional Baseball Players & American Baseball Camps Staff

Camp Dates: On the camp page above.

Duration: 8:30-3:00 (Early & Late Care Included)

Facilities: On the camp page above.

Address: On the camp page above.

Price: $199.99-$249.99 (Depending on how early you sign up)

Ages: (6-12)

Coed: Yes


From the Website:

The emphasis of this camp: Developing character traits in young ballplayers with a confidence-building, teammate oriented, self-esteem building baseball program over 4 days. We want to challenge ballplayers in all facets of being a baseball player including being coachable, being a good teammate, talking to coaches and umpires correctly, appreciating the sacrifice of parents and understanding the benefits of working hard.

The mission of American Baseball Camps is to give kids the tools they need to be successful, and the confidence to turn those mechanics into more success on the field. We also reward being a good teammate at the end of every camp day, because we know that is how kids are going to stay in the game longer, make more friends, be liked by coaches, and have a lot more fun playing the game.


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